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Golden, CO

[M] Ambassador James

Age Range 25-44

Got Inspire on June 16, 2017

Hi, my name is James and I live in Golden, Colorado. I struggled with sleep apnea for over ten years! I couldn’t tolerate CPAP, so my doctor recommended that I use a dental appliance. Unfortunately, chewing became incredibly painful just a few months after use. I went back to CPAP and tried more masks than I can remember. I also had surgery to fix a deviated septum in the hopes that the nasal pillows on the CPAP would work. Luckily, I found Inspire at the right time because I had almost lost all hope.

Interests: Anything to do with IT, smart homes, and making my life easier in general. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, working on restoring my truck and spending time with my family. I’m also 100% a Seahawks fan for life!

Why I chose Inspire: I had been struggling with sleep apnea for a long time and could never get used to CPAP or the dental appliance. My day to day activities were starting to suffer from my lack of sleep. I would fall asleep while sitting at a stoplight when I was driving home from work at 5 pm. At work, I would often forget simple tasks that I had been doing for years. My wife was getting more concerned as my lack of sleep worsened, but I found Inspire just as I was beginning to lose hope.

In a few short words, I would describe Inspire as: It is a complete solution for those that cannot tolerate CPAP for treating sleep apnea. For me it was a lifesaver.

Why am I a patient ambassador? I enjoy sharing my patient view with others who are considering Inspire. My life and my family’s lives have been forever changed by Inspire. Plus I have so much energy that I need to apply it somewhere! Sharing my experience feels like the best thing I can do with all that extra energy.

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BMI: 29
New Sleep Study Required: No

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